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“There is a reclining Buddha." Visitors are looking at the reclining Buddha with piety. The statue is embodied not reclining Buddha but Nirvana statue of Buddha. There are not many Nirvana statue of Buddha in Korea. Nowadays temples gradually are building and enshrining. The statue is the biggest scale with 13 meters long and 4 meters high. Material is made by brass comparing others made by bronze because Buddha gives visitors varied feeling.
You can see buddhists touch the sole of the Buddha's foot three times and knock their heads. Why do they do like those ways? Nirvana statue calls another name as Showed Buddha's sole out of coffin. It is originated from the story that Buddha solaced his disciples in grief as showing his sole of the foot out of coffin after he entered into Nirvana. At that time, the appearance of Buddha's sole was copied. Shape of the one thousand wheel means 'the sole of the person who obtain the all truth of life. It said to be come true your wishes if you touch the sole with piety and knock your head. How about visiting Manbul temple and pray for your wishes while you see Buddha's sole?
Buddha entered into Nirvana between two trees, called bodhidruma, in Kusinagara in seven days after Buddha preached his last teaching. Kashyapa Buddha knowned for foremost brilliant brain arrived after seven days when Buddha entered into Nirvana. Kashyapa Buddha prayed and lamented Buddha's high virtuous deed with turning round on right side. Then Buddha laying in the coffin showed him his sole of the foot for soothing Kashyapa's grief.
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