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*Sarira is Buddha's trace left in the ordinary world of suffering and cyclical birth and death after Buddha entered into Nirvana. Sarira is enshrined with sincereness because it was considered Buddha's body. The technique of preserving Sarira was developed not to cause to damage. It is enshrined in Buddha's clothes or tower. Sarira is enshrined in respective Sarira case at the world of ocean seal decorated with flowers and Avalokiteshevara hall. It means that Manbul temple is one of treasury place in Korea where Sarira of Buddha is enshrined.
*Sarira; a relics of the Buddha
Buddha's Sarira enshrined in Manbul temple is holy treasure which was given from President of Sri Lanka and patriarch at Ferahera festival, the most popular Buddhist festival in Sri Lanka, on February 7, 1993. Buddha's Sarira presented at Manbul temple is a part of Buddha's Sarira which was brought by Karinka princess in the 4th century. Manbul temple held Buddhist seminar of high priest for 60 days after Buddha's sarira was brought from Sri Lanka and then it was enshrined in Sarira tower of Manbul temple. Sarira is the Dharma body obtained from buddhist practice. That is, Sarira is another Emanation body. Worshiping Sarira is just as visiting Buddha. People pray for their wishes through worshipping Sarira with Buddha's teaching and faith.
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