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Tower of exotic mood, which gives bright light of wisdom out from overflowing beauty, is just great lantern tower. Great lantern tower emits flamboyant light more and more when the world is getting covered with the darkness. Great lantern tower is downsized tower which is standing in Buddhagahya, India. What is the effective purpose of following Buddha's teaching? In case that the monks achieve the truth, the masses achieve merit and virtuous deeds. Lightening the lantern is the attitude for practice showed the will for Buddha's teaching. A lantern per a Buddha, totaled 15,000 lanterns is lightening brightly. How about finding ourselves' lantern?
What lantern is......
Lantern is the light for not only approaching Buddha but seeking truth. Lanterns lead the masses to get rid of ignorance and the darkness through Buddha's great care. While you turn on your lantern, you would be in peace with Buddha's bright wisdom. Lantern is the wishes such as happiness of family, neighborhoods, societies, countries and the Land of Utmost Bliss for death of the young and etc. Manbul temple is shining with a number of lanterns everywhere, outside and inside wall of Manbul treasures' shrine and Amitabha great standing statue including great lantern tower.
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