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Manbul Treasures' Shrine is the representative royal place of Manbul Temple. Manbul Treasures' Shrine carrying out lots of Buddhas is developed by Manbul buddhists' power and faith. Buddhas and bodhisattvas placed on inner and outer wall of Manbul Treasures' Shrine indicate buddhists' power of vow. Manbul treasures' Shrine carried 17,000 jade statues, a number of lights, Crystal Tathagata Buddha, the world of ocean seal decorated with flowers, Sarira of Buddha, the gata of Dharma Nature Dharma cakra and so forth.
Buddhist trinity is enshrined in Manbul treasures' shrine. Vairocana buddha is placed between Shakyamuni, emanation body, seated on the left and put his right hand on his knee and Nosana buddha which is holding his left hand. Dharma body means the body of truth. That is, truth is called sermon by Buddha preaches. Emanation body approaches us to help enlighten with varied appearances. Bliss body is the body of virtuous deeds showing up according to destiny with ascetic practice and karmic practice.
17,000 jade statues decorate around inner wall in Manbul treasures' Shrine. 17,000 jade statues is enshrined with the buddhists' wish. 17,000 jade statues consist of Vairocana Buddha for someone trying to achieve something, Shakyamuni for someone trying to become a Buddha, the Great Buddha Amitabha for parents, Bhaisajyaguru Buddha, business man for the Great Buddha Vairocana, young death for Ksitigarbha, suffering people for Avalokiteshavara, students for Manjushri bodhisattva, person who practices actions of the bodhisattvas, person who wishes to go Buddha's Land for the Buddha of the future and so on.
You may see the persons worshipping while touching a crystal bead with rice offerings to Buddha. The buddhist service, which worshippers touch, is worship for just Crystal Tathagata Buddha. Bhaisajyaguru Buddha coming out healing all the masses' sufferings has another name, Crystal Tathagata Buddha. Man carries it on his shoulder while woman carries it to Buddha on her head. As visitors follow these rules when they meet Crystal Tathagata Buddha, all the masses would be achieved their wish. If you come to meet shining crystal Buddha, you would have experience to meet the most beatiful, pious and greatest Buddha in the ordinary world of suffering and cyclical birth and death.
The unique place, which is the most beautiful and great Buddha's land, has never seen before. The world of ocean seal decorated with flowers is built backward of Manbul treasures shrine for welcoming buddhists. When you enter the world of ocean seal decorated with flowers, you would be surprised as coming up everywhere suddenly. Numbers of mirrors and beads connected with each other and then reflect 'myself'. This is called Indra's net for being realized Buddha's teaching 'One is just the whole'. The world of Indra's net indicates Buddha's Pure Land, where exist no barrier and discrimination. Everything is connected with each other.
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