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Avaloketeshvara hall is a place carried treasures of Manbul temple. Abbot, Hak sung's dream is giben body with several objects.
The hall is generally carried Avaloketeshva, who save all the masses with great mercy and compassion.
Two lucky bags which are set Avaloketeshvara's right and left is really unique.
Those could be found nowhere. One bag means merit, the other means virtuous deed otherwise the bodhisattva Samantabhadra and Manjushri bodhisattva are embodied as a lucky bag. It makes the masses possible to be brilliant if they pray with facing a lucky bag and to accumulate merit and virtuous deed. In addition, it means that abbot, Haksung would be establish Buddha pure land as he give the masses as a temple offering.
Haksung, abbot of Manbul temple, dreamed of two blessing big pockets and Maitreya statue sitting with one's legs half-crossed. Therefore, Maitreya statue sitting with one's legs half-crossed is enshrined separately behind Avaloketeshavara shrine. Maitreya Bodhisattva carrying the big sack gives the masses great bliss. Dream of Haksung is for how to give the masses virtuous deeds and bliss. It is just the spirit of Manbul temple and the practical way.
Dharma's wheel of the gata of Dharma Nature Dharmacakra is the round wheel of the gata of Dharma Nature Dharmacakra which Euesang master said. Dharma's wheel of the gata of Dharma Nature Dharmacakra came from Tibetan Manicha. Tibetan believes that spinning the wheel is the prayer for achieving their wishes which try to throw their fault away. Anyone who believes Buddha's teaching can achieve their wishes with Buddha's mercy.
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