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Shrine of stone lantern is constructed in front of Avalokiteshvara hall like a park. Ten thousand stone lantern and Youjayoungga is lined up on both sides in the center of Avalokiteshvara bodhisattva standing statue. In the middle of the site stands altar for Buddha's bath. Shrine of stone lantern is constructed a beautiful park where can be the place for playing with family and having piety for Buddha at once.
Avalokiteshvara bodhisattva is the mercy's body of having a smile and filled with benevolence and savior. Left hand holds the bottle of sweet dew and Avalokiteshvara bodhisattva is carrying Amitabha buddha on corolla. Avalokiteshvara is taking care of all the masses' suffering. The high of standing statue is 5 meters high but the mercy is covered with all of the world.
"Buddha is turning on the lanterns by himself."
Stone lantern let visitors find the way as it is shining at night. Stone lantern is constructed beside the one temple's way in common such as Main buddha hall and main gate but ten thousand stone lantern of Manbul temple guides buddhists to Buddha. Avaloketeshavara bodhisattva of ten thousand stone lantern makes the masses' burden light in the day as one of bodhisattvas while giving the masses wisdom at night. When altar of lotus flower is turned on, Avalokiteshavara comes forward us with fantastic appearance.
"Oh, baby buddha, it is really cute."
It is first crying when visitors see the altar for Buddha's bath. Baby Buddha's right hand is pointing to the sky and left hand indicates the land. This is altar or Buddha's bath. Buddha's bath is transferred ceremony related to the Buddha that pure Buddha took a shower with sweet dew when Buddha was born. That is, ceremony of Buddha's bath is held on the Day of Buddha's coming. To build altar for Buddha's bath at stone lantern is for the masses who can clear their body and spirit through bathing the Buddha.
The appearance of baby priest, wearing red beanie, makes all the visitors say "lovely, nice and cute, they have a small bag with candies." Visitors would like to take the one to their house because baby priest is so lovely. However, this is unforgettable grief to those who built it. Youjayoungga is embodied statue which could not be make flower of fate bloom. Building Youjayoungga is for those who die when they were young. It leads the death to gentle and easy death.
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